What To Do In a Tornado

July 18, 2016

Michigan Tornado Damage:
What You Should Do to Keep Safe!

At Aaron’s Restoration we have repaired residential and commercial roofs, walls, garages, barns, fences, outbuilding and more as a result of tornado damage. Here are a few facts about Michigan’s tornadoes.

Tornadoes form when winds of different temperatures and humidity clash. In Michigan, warm, wet winds move north from the Gulf of Mexico in the spring and summer – slamming into the cold, dry, winds coming south from Canada.

The warm air tries to rise, but the cold air traps the warm air beneath it. And because the warm air can’t move upward, it begins to rotate -creating a rotating column that can rotate at speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour!

What to do in a Tornado

• In a home, go to the basement if there is one
• If no basement, take cover in the center of the house, on the lowest floor, in a small room, closet or bathroom
• Seek shelter under sturdy furniture
• Keep away from windows and glass
• In a mobile home, evacuate if there is time and go to a prearranged substantial shelter.
• In a mobile home, If there is no shelter nearby, leave the trailer and lie flat in a ditch or ravine
• Protect your head by covering it with your arms over it.
• In a vehicle, get out of the car and lie flat in a ditch. Do not get under the car.
• In buildings: Follow tornado plans & move to interior hallways or small rooms on the lowest floor.
• Avoid areas with wide, free-span roofs.

Most homeowners’ insurance policies do cover tornado damage. And tornado damage is also typically covered on car insurance policies if you have “comprehensive coverage” (collision coverage) on the vehicle.

If you have experienced tornado damage in Wayne, Macomb or Oakland COunty,We will work with your homeowners insurance company to have your tornado damage claim rapidly assessed. We will rapidly complete your repairs – and work closely with your insurance company to ensure that you receive the maximum payout allowed by your homeowner’s policy.

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