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Whether your basement is flooded – whether from a broken water pipe, sewage backup or storm – Aaron’s Restoration is prepared to react quickly to remove water, minimize damage and restore your property. Our crews are on-call 24/7 because rapid response is critical to prevent secondary water damage like mold, fungi or microbial contamination in your flooded basement or home.

In addition to visible water in your flooded basement, unseen water can cause unseen structural problems as it seeps into the foundation, walls, framing and other structural areas. Prolonged exposure to water can also weaken cement foundations, crack open fissures and swell wooden framing, causing warping. So rapid, expert help is necessary to salvage what can be saved and eliminate the possibility of health hazards.

Fast response for flooded basement cleanup

flooded basement cleanupWe use the latest technologies in removing water, drying and controlling the humidity in your damaged home or business. Unless humidity is properly managed additional damage may occur to items within the building and to the structure itself. Structures that are not dried out quickly and properly can also become a feeding ground for mold growth.

Aaron’s Restoration uses state-of-the-art powerful pumping methods and vacuum technology to remove water from all floors, including wood, carpet, tile, vinyl or cement. Then we thoroughly dry all exposed surfaces areas, salvage what can be saved and remove all materials that may have been damaged beyond repair.

We also safely and properly disposal of any contaminated materials. Our basement flood technicians are fully trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Our goal is to restore a home or business that has experienced basement flooding or other water damage back to its original condition as quickly as possible, while ensuring the work is done thoroughly and completely.

What to do when your basement floods

  • If the water source is evident and safely accessible, shut off the water main or close window or door from which water is getting into the property.
  • Remove all property valuables that can be damaged.
  • Remove furniture from affected area, especially if you have a flooded basement.
  • Move as much off the wet carpet or floor as possible, especially objects with metal or wooden legs or supports. These items will stain the carpet or hardwood floors when wet.

How we handle flooded basement clean-up in Michigan homes

  • We make sure the working environment is safe
  • Inspect and identify the water source and make sure no more flooding is happening
  • Water extraction with our truck mounted system and water pumps
  • Seal off the affected area to prevent other areas from being flooded or damaged
  • Install drying equipment and monitor daily until all materials are dried to the specified requirements
  • Look for mold damage and make sure there is complete mold removal and remediation
  • Water damage repair to bring it back to the pre loss condition.

Providing flooded basement cleanup services to all of Southeast Michigan and the surrounding area including: Wayne, Macomb & Oakland County.

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