Tornado Damage Classification & Repair

August 18, 2016

Classifying Michigan Tornado Damage & Repair

Nothing is more terrifying – or wreaks more devastation –than a Tornado. Roughly 800 tornadoes are reported every year in the U.S., resulting in approximately 1,500 injuries & millions of dollars of property damage. On average 16 tornados a year are reported to touch down in Michigan alone.

At Aaron’s Restoration we have repaired hundreds of thousands of dollars of tornado damage to homes and businesses, including: roofs, walls, windows, garages, barns, fences, outbuildings.

We are the tornado damage repair experts – we study and understand tornados and the damage they can cause.

Here is how Tornado Damage is Classified

F-0 Tornado: 72mph winds

Causes light damage – including broken tree branches or damaged chimneys.

F-1 Tornado: 73-112mph winds

Causes moderate damage such as broken windows or mobile homes being pushed off foundations.

F-2 Tornado: 113-157mph winds

Causes considerable damage such as uprooted trees or demolished mobile homes.

F-3 Tornado: 158-205mph winds

Causes severe damage- including roofs and walls torn down or cars being thrown.

F-4 Tornado:  207-260mph winds

This is a devastating wind that levels even well-constructed walls and buildings.

F-5 Tornado: 261-318mph winds

The highest category of tornado can lift houses off their foundations and carry them considerable distances.

Fortunately, most homeowners’ insurance policies DO cover tornado damage. Additionally tornado damage to a vehicle is also usually covered by car insurance policies if you have “comprehensive coverage” (“collision”) on the vehicle.

We are the Troy Area’s Best Tornado Damage Repair Company

We are available 24/7 to respond and repair any tornado damage. We will tarp your home if necessary to prevent further damage. And will work with your insurance company to have your tornado damage claim rapidly assessed – and to ensure that you receive the maximum insurance company payout allowed by your homeowner’s policy.

Aaron’s Restoration is Michigan’s tornado damage repair expert. For tornado damage make Aaron’s Restoration your first call for fast, thorough, expert service.

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