Tornado Damage Cleanup & Repair

July 21, 2016

Michigan Tornado Damage

Tornadoes are the most destructive storms in nature. Approximately 800 tornadoes are reported every year, resulting in an average of 80 deaths, 1,500 injuries & millions of dollars of property damage per year.

According to the National Weather Service., Michigan ranks 20th among the states for number of tornadoes. This is based on nearly 1,000 recorded tornadoes touching down in Michigan between 1950 and 2012.

At Aaron’s Restoration we have repaired residential and commercial roofs, walls, garages, barns, fences, outbuilding and more as a result of tornado damage. Here are a few facts about Michigan’s tornadoes.

Michigan Tornado Damage Facts

  • On average, 16 tornadoes occur in Michigan annually
  • Between 1950 and 1998 there were 239 deaths due to tornadoes in Michigan
  • Most Michigan tornadoes occur in April, May, June & July between 3 PM-7 PM
  • An average tornado is on the ground less than 10 minutes – but extreme tornadoes have been on the ground for more than an hour
  • Most tornadoes travel about 5 miles in distance – but extreme tornadoes have been known to travel more than 100 miles
  • The typical tornado is 600 to 1200 feet wide
  • Tornado winds average 71 to 125 miles per hour
  • The worst tornadoes in Michigan was in 1953, killing 116 injuring 850 and destroying more than 350
  • The Dexter tornado in 2012 caused $9.1 million in damages
  • There has been just one fatality from a Michigan tornado since 1997!

Most homeowners’ insurance policies do cover tornado damage. And tornado damage is also typically covered on car insurance policies if you have “comprehensive coverage” (collision coverage) on the vehicle.

We will work with your insurance company to have your tornado damage claim rapidly assessed – and to ensure that you receive the maximum insurance company payout allowed by your homeowner’s policy.

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