Roof Repair Insurance Claim Tips

September 20, 2016

Roof Repair Insurance Claim Coverage
From Troy’s Best Roof Repair Company

The extreme weather conditions of Michigan winter are almost upon us in Macomb, Oakland & Wayne County and roofs can suddenly be damaged by extreme weather events such as ice storms and high winds.

Unfortunately when your roof is damaged and needs to be replaced or repaired, it is almost always an unexpected expense that you just hadn’t planned for! That is why it is essential that you work with a contractor who understands the homeowners insurance claim process, who works with adjusters and who makes sure all of the documentation is in place to ensure that you get reimbursed as much as possible for all covered roof damage.

The good news is that in our many years of experience in roof repair claims, we have found that in more than 90 % of high-wind or hail damage claims, there is an insurance payout to cover roof damage repairs! But keep in mind that insurance companies review roof repair claims very carefully. They will require that the homeowner and their contractor provide extensive documentation and supporting information before they will cover your roof repair insurance claim.

Tips to Get the Most Insurance for your Roof Repair Claim:

  1. Know What Your Insurance Policy Covers – Troy

If you have an “All Risk Policies” it will typically cover any type of roof damage – with a few listed limited “exceptions”. However, “Named Peril Insurance” will only cover the types of roof repairs that are specifically named in the insurance policy.

  1. Keep Your Roof In Good Overall Repair – Oakland County

When you have a roof damage claim, your insurance company will send an inspector or adjuster out. If the roof damage is all or partially due to age, wear and tear, or lack of maintenance, the damage may not be covered under your policy. . .even though it was caused by the weather event!

  1. Document Your Roof Damage Repair Claim

Keep a set of “before” photos of your roof and home – and update the pictures if you have improvements, maintenance or repairs done. This way, after roof damage occurs, you can submit these to your insurance company along with the “after” photos with your insurance claim.

  1. Hire an experienced Roof Damage Repair Contractor – Troy

Hiring Aaron’s Restoration will ensure a fast, smooth and hassle-free roof repair insurance claim process. Our professional team will provide a full roof inspection and provide you with the required documentation that your homeowners’ insurance company will need process the claim and get you the maximum coverage available under your policy.

We’ve Handled Hundreds of Roof Repair Insurance Claims in Macomb, Oakland & Wayne County!

Aaron’s Restoration knows what your insurance company is “looking for” when approving your insurance claim. We can provide the information your insurance company needs in a fast, detailed and organized fashion, so there will be no delay in processing your insurance claim!

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