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September 20, 2016

Does Insurance Cover Roof Damage?
By Macomb, Oakland & Wayne County’s Best Roof Repair Company

One of the most common questions we get from customers is “Will my insurance company cover the cost of my roof damage or roof repair?” The answer to that is: “It depends”! We have decades of experience with roof repair insurance claims. Following are the important facts you should know.

Will Insurance Fully Cover Roof Damage Repair? Wayne County

Whether or not your homeowners company covers your roof damage repair depends on:

  • The CAUSE of the roof damage
  • What type of insurance COVERAGE you have

Typically, when damage to a roof is caused by a natural disaster or accident – such as a tornado, hail or wind storm – a homeowners insurance policy will pay for the roof repairs. However, some homeowners insurance policies “specifically exclude” coverage of roof repairs under certain circumstances.

So, if you have suffered roof damage due to a weather event, your first step should always be to get out your homeowners insurance policy. Read it carefully so you know your rights, and what is and is not covered.

“Named Peril Insurance” is a type of homeowners insurance that will only cover the cost of roof repairs that are specifically listed in your insurance policy. Named Peril Insurance usually DOES cover damage from weather events like lightening and hail damage – but often will NOT cover other types of damage such as falling trees or debris.

“All Risk Policies” are more liberal and will typically cover damage from any weather event – except for certain limited “exclusions” that are specifically listed as exceptions.

When you hire Aaron’s Restoration to repair your roof damage, we can work with you to ensure that your homeowners insurance company covers as much damage repair as possible under your homeowners’ coverage.

Will Insurance Cover a NEW Roof or Only Repairs?

If the cause of damage is covered by your homeowners’ policy – whether your insurance covers a complete roof replacement will depend largely on the extent of the damage. If the insurance adjuster believes that repairs are enough, your insurance company will want to fix the damage rather than replace the roof in order to save money. So, having an experienced and reputable contractor who can document the need for replacement is essential if you believe you need a new roof.

Aaron’s Restoration will conduct a full roof inspection – and will provide you with the necessary documentation to help your insurance company assess whether a new roof will be covered, so you get the maximum claims coverage allowable under your policy!

We’ve Handled Hundreds of Roof Repair Insurance Claims in Macomb, Oakland & Wayne County!

Aaron’s Restoration has extensive experience in providing roof estimates for insurance claims. If your roof has been damaged by a weather event, we can rapidly repair it while helping you navigate the process of getting your roof repair or replacement covered to the maximum extent possible under your homeowner’s insurance policy.

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