Michigan Hail Storm Damage Repair

July 21, 2016

Michigan Hail Damage Repair:
Record Breaking Hail Damage

July 2016 marks the 1 year anniversary of the record breaking hail we had in Southeastern Michigan last summer! Hail pellets can range in size from pea-sized pellets, to hailstones bigger than a grapefruit – wreaking damage on cars, homes and property!

But why does hail – which falls from the sky as pellets of ice – occur in the spring and summer?

Hail Damage is Not a Winter Event

Because hail is made of ice, people often wonder why it is not a cold weather event. Technically hail can occur year-round, but the most destructive hail events usually occur at the height of summer.

This is because hail actually forms high up in cold clouds – at heights of up to 50,000 feet. The lower regions of summer thunderstorms contain warm air – but the upper regions are often well below freezing.

Updrafts within the summer storm system then whisk raindrops upward into the sub-zero higher region, causing them to instantly freeze into ice particles. The ice particles (hail) are then carried back down into the storm’s lower level by a downdraft.

Once the downdraft moves the ice particles down to the warm area it thaws and collects additional water droplets – then it is whisked upward by another updraft where it re-freezes. This cycle continues multiple times – adding new layers of ice to the frozen droplet. Once it is too heavy for the updraft to carry it back up again it finally falls out of the cloud to the ground.

Hail Storm Damage Repair

Because hail is built up of layer upon layer of ice it is extremely hard. And because it is coming down from such high altitudes, hail falls at a relatively fast speed.  For this reason hailstones can cause extensive damage.

The most susceptible objects to hail damage include cars and roof tops. In fact, over $1 billion dollars in damage to homes, vehicles, property & crops is caused by hail each year in the United States.

Most homeowners’ insurance policies do cover hail damage. And hail damage is also typically covered on car insurance policies if you have “comprehensive coverage” (collision coverage) on the vehicle.

If you have suffered damage to your roof, home or property as a result of a Michigan Hail Storm, call Aaron’s Restoration today. We will rapidly assess your damage and work with your insurance company to ensure you receive the maximum insurance coverage that your homeowners policy covers!

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