Flooded Basement Cleanup Tips

September 20, 2016

Tips for Dealing with a Flooded Basement

As Southeast Michigan’s water damage specialists, we understand how important your home and your personal belongings are to you. We salvage all property that can be saved, restored or repaired – and we restore your flooded basement to its original condition.

Our Water Damage Professionals have the experience, knowledge, and state-of-the-art equipment to remove water and dry your basement rapidly and properly. This articles contains tips on what you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do if you experience a flooded basement, in order to maximize the possibility of saving as much of your property as possible.

Flooded Basement: What to Do

(Only if Water Damage Area is SAFE from electrical currents)

  1. Mop and/or blot any water that you can.
  2. Wipe water or dampness from wood furniture immediately. Place on blocks or on aluminum foil if possible.
  3. Remove wet upholstery and cushions and place in a dry area – in the sun or outdoors if possible.
  4. Hang up any wet clothing, fabric or leather goods – in the sun or outdoors if weather permits.
  5. If it is summertime, turn on your air conditioning.
  6. Remove any rugs – especially colored rugs – from wet carpeting to prevent staining and/or bleeding.
  7. Gather loose items from floors and spread out in a dry area. Place in the sun or outdoors if weather permits.
  8. Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling water damaged objects, as standing water can harbor bacteria, mold & other toxins.
  9. CALL a Professional Water Damage Company Immediately! The only way to remove water from deeply saturated floors, furniture and structures is with professional drying equipment

Flooded Basement: What NOT to Do

  1. Do not use electrical appliance anywhere near the water –this includes fans! Electric currents can travel along the path of the water and cause electric shock.
  2. Do not touch any electrical appliances that are plugged in, or light switches, sockets or outlets. This includes NOT using your vacuum and NOT using your ceiling fan in the flooded or wet area!
  3. Keep children and pets away from the flooded area.
  4. Do not leave wet clothing, books, magazines, rugs or fabrics on a wet floor – remove them and hang them up in a dry place.
  5. Do not leave any colored or dyed items on wet carpet or floors.
  6. Do not enter any rooms where the ceilings is sagging, as it could collapse with great force.
  7. DO NOT WAIT to call a Professional Water Damage Company. Bacteria, mold and toxins begin developing almost immediately. The sooner you professionally extract the water, the greater the chance of saving your belongings.

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Time is always of the essence when responding to a flooded basement. That is why Aaron’s Restoration offers 24 / emergency water damage response.

We will get to your home immediately with our professional water extraction and sanitation equipment. We will remove the water from your flooded basement, prevent further damage or contamination and swiftly repair and any damage that has already occurred.

We have the experience and the know-how to salvage as much of your furniture and other personal property as possible, and then to repair and restore what cannot be saved.

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