Causes of Flooded Basements – Part 1

June 25, 2016

How Does Water Leak into a Flooded Basement? (Part 1)
In Macomb, Wayne & Oakland County

Whether your basement is completely finished – or simply a place you use for storage – keeping it dry is essential. Unfortunately, with Oakland County’s high water table and large amount of annual precipitation leaking and flooded basements are an all too common occurrence.

To protect your basement from water, every homeowner should understand the common entry points of water into a basement. This 3 part article discusses the reasons your basement may be leaking water or prone to flooding.

Causes of Flooded Basements & Leaks:

(1.)   Top of Wall Basement Leaks

A common cause of basement flooding is water leaking over the top of your foundation/basement – instead of away from it – there is a high probability that it will find an entry-point above the basement wall.

Though more common in older houses, some newer houses with poor drainage also experience top-of-wall basement leaks and flooding. If soil near the home settles over time, it may create low spots where water can drain into the home over the top of the basement wall.

Downspouts that are too short or that are not pointed away from the home, can discharging rain water from your roof right into your basement over the top of the wall.

(2.) Window Well Basement Leaks

Window wells are designed to keep soil and water away from basement or below-ground windows, while still allowing natural light in.

But if a home’s drainage system isn’t working properly, window wells may have trouble keeping water away and may start to leak or flood.

Improperly installed windows, or window wells that do not have their own drainage system linked with the foundation drain, can lead to basement leaking and flooding through the windows. We have seen this in many older homes in Oakland County.

(3.) Cracked Basement Walls Causing Flooding

Basement wall cracks are one of the most serious causes of leaking and flooded basements. Unfortunately, just fixing or sealing a crack rarely resolves the issue. It is essential to figure out what caused the crack, to avoid more cracks developing in the future.

Cracks in basement walls are often was created by pressure on a home’s foundation. When it rains, water flows and drains downhill. As rainwater runoff flows downward, a reservoir of wet dirt and pressure builds up at the bottom of the basement wall. This pushes the water against the wall and results in cracks which leak, seep or flood into the basement.

If not remedied, this pressure can build up so much that it causes multiple cracks, erosion of the foundation and sometimes even a structural failure of the foundation.

(4.) Tie Rod Hole Basement Leaks & Flooding

Most people don’t give much thought to the original construction of their home. But in many cases, wood forms were used in which to pour the foundation. These wood forms were held together during the cement pouring with steel rods.

Upon completion of pouring the walls, the rods were removed, leaving “rod holes”. These Rod Holes are a very common cause of basement flooding and leaking.

Flooded Basement Cleanup in Wayne, Macomb & Oakland County

No matter what the cause of your flooded basement, we can clean up the water rapidly and hygienically – restoring your flooded basement to its original “like new” condition. We will also help you identify the cause of the flooding and fix the underlying problem so you do not experience another flood or leak in the future!

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