Preventing Flooded Basements

April 22, 2016

Preventing Flooded Basements
In Wayne, Oakland & Macomb County

As Wayne, Oakland & Macomb County’s leader in Flooded Basement Cleanup, we have seen every possible cause of basement flooding!

Tragically, many flooded basements could have been prevented with a little maintenance or pro-active repair.

This article discusses the five easiest ways to prevent a flooded basement.

Click here for PART 1: Causes of a flooded basement.

Preventing a Flooded Basement:

Flooded Basement: Improper Grade

Often a flooded basement occurs because a house was constructed on a site with an improper “grade” (slope of the surrounding land).

If a home is built on sloped terrain, the property can often be “graded” to prevent drainage and rain & snow runoff water from accumulating at low points around your foundation.

In some cases erosion will eventually “level” the grade and may fix your problem over time.

But if you notice water accumulating – and/or slight seeping – due to improper grading (sloping), call us to fix this problem BEFORE your basement floods.

Flooded Basement: Improper Sealing

Another typical cause of basement flooding is poor or improper “sealing” of the basement floors and walls. The good news is that basements can be successfully resealed, using the latest technologies in waterproofing.

If you notice even slight seeping, call us to check your seals and fix this problem BEFORE your basement floods.

Flooded Basement: Improper Drainage

Fixing a drainage system that has been improperly placed is one of the cheapest and easiest steps you can take to prevent a flooded basement. If the downspouts of your house have been placed within 6 feet of your basement walls, they are too close and should be moved or extended to prevent basement flooding.

If the downspouts of your house have been placed within 6 feet of your foundation, call us BEFORE your basement floods. We can redirect the downspouts toward the street or the backyard, away from your basement walls and those of your neighbor – to prevent flooding.

Flooded Basement: Blocked Eaves troughs

A blocked gutter will cause rainwater to redirect toward the shortest available path – which can often be directly down to your foundation.  And if the water accumulates – flooding will occur.

Fortunately the solution is simple. All you have to do is have your eaves troughs professionally cleaned once a year. In some case even clean eaves troughs will still overflow – which simply requires replacing them with larger ones that drain more water.

In some cases, adding screen covers or “gutter guards” is also advisable to prevent the accumulation of debris between cleanings.

If you haven’t had your eaves troughs inspected & cleaned, NOW is the time to do this . . . BEFORE they cause a basement flood.

Flooded Basement: Sump Pump Failure

If your house is equipped with a sump pump that has been there for more than a few years, you should regularly have it inspected. We can remove, clean, test, repair (or replace if necessary) the sump pump BEFORE a devastating basement flood occurs.

If your sump pump has been working sight-unseen in your basement “just doing its job”, chances are you take it for granted and haven’t had it checked. But eventually a sump pump – especially one that has been working hard for many years – will give out and a sudden basement flood can ensue.

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