Does Insurance Cover Ice Dams?

December 2, 2015

Insurance Coverage for Ice Dam Damage Home Repairs

Can I submit a Homeowners Insurance Claim for Water Damage from an Ice Dam?

Yes. If you have homeowners insurance, your insurance company will usually pay for ice dam damage repair to your homes structure – as well as damaged personal property. However, your insurance company may or may not cover the removal of the ice dam itself, and/or cover the repairs necessary to prevent another ice dam from forming.

No two insurance companies are exactly the same – and insurance policies also vary greatly depending upon what “coverage” you have elected.  First, carefully read your Insurance Policy, so you understand what it does and does not cover. Next discuss your situation with your Insurance agent. Make certain you know what your “deductibles” and your “policy limits are.”

Typically homeowner’s insurance policies are drafted to not cover removal of the ice dam itself.  However, in our extensive experience working with insurance companies, we have found that many homeowner’s companies will cover part or all of your ice dam removal, usually as an act of “good faith.”

Reputable Restoration & Repair Companies get Better Insurance Settlements for Ice Dam Damage

Having a reputable, experienced restoration and repair company handling your water damage repair will help substantially in obtaining the maximum insurance coverage for which you qualify under your homeowners’ policy.

This is because an experienced restoration company – such as Aaron’s Restoration – will ensure that all of your paperwork and documentation is completed properly, and submitted to the satisfaction of the homeowners’ insurance company in a timely manner.

Cut rate, inexperienced or “cheap “restoration companies may not get the proper claims documentation submitted to your insurer. Additionally, an inexperienced repair company may miss “hidden” or unseen aspects of your damage – such as mold or other damage between the walls – and omit this from your insurance claim!

Remember if you and your restoration company don’t ask for enough money to fix everything properly, you won’t get it. And you will be left holding the bag if additional repairs are discovered “down the road” after the claim has been paid.

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When we prepare the documentation required for your insurance claim, your insurance agency will almost certainly cover the damage done to your home caused by your leaking roof. And, in many case, they may even pay to remove the portion of the ice dam that’s directly causing the leaking.

Although we can’t predict your exact insurance coverage without speaking to your insurance company about your specific coverage and deductibles, you can maximize your chances of obtaining the best insurance settlement for your leak or water damage if you hire a restoration company that knows how insurance companies handle & settle ice dam claims.

The experts at Aaron’s Restoration can repair damage caused by ice dams, including roof and gutter damage and water damage inside of your home. Contact us today to schedule an estimate for water damage restoration anywhere in Southeastern Michigan, including Wayne, Macomb & Oakland County.

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