Contents Restoration for Michigan, Ohio and the Upper Midwest

October 26, 2011

After a disaster at a home or business in Michigan, Ohio and the Upper Midwest, home and business owners face a challenging period. There is the disruption of routines. In the wake of a disaster, such as flooding, fire and storm damage, returning a structure and property back to a functional level takes time. Also, the property or business may be uninhabitable. But one of the biggest difficulties for an individual may be handling the reality that important belongings were damaged or destroyed.

Contents restoration aims to minimize the stress for the homeowner or business owner. These people typically have never experienced the impact of a disaster and the strong emotions that follow. By working closely and sensitively with the property owner, the restoration team can determine specific goals for the project, work quickly and efficiently, and provide an excellent value by making cost-effective decisions throughout the process.

The restoration team will identify, assess and restore or remove damaged contents. All efforts are made to salvage items at a reasonable cost, while educating property owners about the expense of restoration and cleaning compared to replacement. When it’s not cost-effective to restore a item, a recommendation to replace the item will be made.

The nature and severity of the disaster and the value of the belongings are criteria to consider at the onset of each restoration project. Items that can be repaired or restored after smoke damage, water damage or storm damage may differ. For example, some electronics and fine art may be salvaged after sustaining smoke damage but may need to be discarded after being flooded. On the flip side, certain clothing may handle flooding but not be worth cleaning after smoke damage.

Much of the restoration work of contents in a home or business does not take place on site. Items that need to be restored off-site get packed for removal, and an inventory list accompanies them to a secure storage location. When the restoration work is complete, the items are returned to the home or business.

Whether it’s due to a fire in Clinton Township or flooding in Grand Rapids, Aaron’s Restoration can provide contents restoration to property owners with 24-hour emergency service. The emergency number to call is 888-442-2766. Non-emergency calls are welcome too.

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