Fall: Time to Prevent Ice Dam Damage

September 20, 2016

Fall Maintenance: Prevent Winter Ice Dams

Most homeowners don’t know what an “ice dam” is – until they experience one . . . and then it’s too late!

What Is an Ice Dam?

An “Ice Dam” is a thick band of ice that forms when water from melting snow freezes into ice at the edge of a home’s roofline. The ice that develops may grow large enough to prevent melting snow from properly draining off the roof – causing it to back up underneath the roof’s shingles and allowing it to seep into your home’s walls, ceilings or chimney.

We have seen hundreds of homeowners in Wayne, Oakland & Macomb County experience Ice Dam Water Damage to their homes. Sadly, most of these cases could have been prevented with a little maintenance in the fall, before the cold weather arrives!

Our professional restoration team understands how and where ice dams form – and exactly what needs to be done to prevent ice dam formation – and to repair the damage if it occurs.

Common Locations for Ice Dams

  • Gutters and eaves troughs
  • Edge of the roof
  • Chimneys
  • Furnace flues
  • Siding;
  • Around skylights
  • Roofs with low pitch
  • Roofs over vaulted ceilings
  • Around windows
  • Around door frames
  • Pipe & vent openings

Preventing Ice Dams

The best way to protect yourself from ice dam damage is two-fold:

  1. Inspect your home for areas where ice dams commonly form. Repair any openings where ice can accumulate, and be certain to clean all gutters and eaves troughs before the cold weather sets in.

  3. Once the snow arrives, inspect your roof regularly for areas of accumulation and have ice dams professionally removed before they lead to leaking and structural damage. Do NOT attempt to get on a roof and remove ice dams yourself!

Professional Repair for Ice Dam Water Damage

If you have experienced damage to your home from an ice dam, Aaron’s Restoration can remove the dam, repair the damage and replace walls, ceilings, plaster, drywall, moldings, etc. as necessary. You have our guarantee that your damaged area will look “like new”.

Our professional restoration team we will also make certain that any underlying or “unseen” health or environmental hazards such as bacteria or mold are completely sanitized. And we will also remove or repair the initial structural “cause” of the ice dam – to ensure that another ice dam does not occur in the same place again.

Aaron’s Restoration will also work with your homeowners insurance company to help you obtain the maximum amount of coverage for your damage as allowed by your policy.

We Specialize in Ice Dam Damage Repair & Restoration

Serving the Troy area including: Wayne, Macomb & Oakland County

Call us at 888.442.2766 to discuss your Ice Dam removal & repair needs.

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Roof Repair & Insurance Coverage

Does Insurance Cover Roof Damage?
By Macomb, Oakland & Wayne County’s Best Roof Repair Company

One of the most common questions we get from customers is “Will my insurance company cover the cost of my roof damage or roof repair?” The answer to that is: “It depends”! We have decades of experience with roof repair insurance claims. Following are the important facts you should know.

Will Insurance Fully Cover Roof Damage Repair? Wayne County

Whether or not your homeowners company covers your roof damage repair depends on:

  • The CAUSE of the roof damage
  • What type of insurance COVERAGE you have

Typically, when damage to a roof is caused by a natural disaster or accident – such as a tornado, hail or wind storm – a homeowners insurance policy will pay for the roof repairs. However, some homeowners insurance policies “specifically exclude” coverage of roof repairs under certain circumstances.

So, if you have suffered roof damage due to a weather event, your first step should always be to get out your homeowners insurance policy. Read it carefully so you know your rights, and what is and is not covered.

“Named Peril Insurance” is a type of homeowners insurance that will only cover the cost of roof repairs that are specifically listed in your insurance policy. Named Peril Insurance usually DOES cover damage from weather events like lightening and hail damage – but often will NOT cover other types of damage such as falling trees or debris.

“All Risk Policies” are more liberal and will typically cover damage from any weather event – except for certain limited “exclusions” that are specifically listed as exceptions.

When you hire Aaron’s Restoration to repair your roof damage, we can work with you to ensure that your homeowners insurance company covers as much damage repair as possible under your homeowners’ coverage.

Will Insurance Cover a NEW Roof or Only Repairs?

If the cause of damage is covered by your homeowners’ policy – whether your insurance covers a complete roof replacement will depend largely on the extent of the damage. If the insurance adjuster believes that repairs are enough, your insurance company will want to fix the damage rather than replace the roof in order to save money. So, having an experienced and reputable contractor who can document the need for replacement is essential if you believe you need a new roof.

Aaron’s Restoration will conduct a full roof inspection – and will provide you with the necessary documentation to help your insurance company assess whether a new roof will be covered, so you get the maximum claims coverage allowable under your policy!

We’ve Handled Hundreds of Roof Repair Insurance Claims in Macomb, Oakland & Wayne County!

Aaron’s Restoration has extensive experience in providing roof estimates for insurance claims. If your roof has been damaged by a weather event, we can rapidly repair it while helping you navigate the process of getting your roof repair or replacement covered to the maximum extent possible under your homeowner’s insurance policy.

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Roof Repair Insurance Claim Tips

Roof Repair Insurance Claim Coverage
From Troy’s Best Roof Repair Company

The extreme weather conditions of Michigan winter are almost upon us in Macomb, Oakland & Wayne County and roofs can suddenly be damaged by extreme weather events such as ice storms and high winds.

Unfortunately when your roof is damaged and needs to be replaced or repaired, it is almost always an unexpected expense that you just hadn’t planned for! That is why it is essential that you work with a contractor who understands the homeowners insurance claim process, who works with adjusters and who makes sure all of the documentation is in place to ensure that you get reimbursed as much as possible for all covered roof damage.

The good news is that in our many years of experience in roof repair claims, we have found that in more than 90 % of high-wind or hail damage claims, there is an insurance payout to cover roof damage repairs! But keep in mind that insurance companies review roof repair claims very carefully. They will require that the homeowner and their contractor provide extensive documentation and supporting information before they will cover your roof repair insurance claim.

Tips to Get the Most Insurance for your Roof Repair Claim:

  1. Know What Your Insurance Policy Covers – Troy

If you have an “All Risk Policies” it will typically cover any type of roof damage – with a few listed limited “exceptions”. However, “Named Peril Insurance” will only cover the types of roof repairs that are specifically named in the insurance policy.

  1. Keep Your Roof In Good Overall Repair – Oakland County

When you have a roof damage claim, your insurance company will send an inspector or adjuster out. If the roof damage is all or partially due to age, wear and tear, or lack of maintenance, the damage may not be covered under your policy. . .even though it was caused by the weather event!

  1. Document Your Roof Damage Repair Claim

Keep a set of “before” photos of your roof and home – and update the pictures if you have improvements, maintenance or repairs done. This way, after roof damage occurs, you can submit these to your insurance company along with the “after” photos with your insurance claim.

  1. Hire an experienced Roof Damage Repair Contractor – Troy

Hiring Aaron’s Restoration will ensure a fast, smooth and hassle-free roof repair insurance claim process. Our professional team will provide a full roof inspection and provide you with the required documentation that your homeowners’ insurance company will need process the claim and get you the maximum coverage available under your policy.

We’ve Handled Hundreds of Roof Repair Insurance Claims in Macomb, Oakland & Wayne County!

Aaron’s Restoration knows what your insurance company is “looking for” when approving your insurance claim. We can provide the information your insurance company needs in a fast, detailed and organized fashion, so there will be no delay in processing your insurance claim!

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Smoke Damage Removal Tips

Smoke Damage Removal & Repair

Long after the terrifying experience of a home fire, the smell of smoke lingers – permeating clothing, furniture, walls and literally everything else in the home. Even when a home fire was relatively minor or confined to a small area, the smoke smell can still permeate your entire house.

Porous materials in particular, such as furniture, window treatments, carpeting and clothing absorb the smell of the smoke, making your home virtually unlivable – and yet you do not want to discard your treasured possessions and furnishings!

Our professional smoke removal technicians understand how much your home and your belongings mean to you – and we have the equipment, the technology and the experience to salvage most or all of your smoke damaged personal property – and restore your home to its original pre-fire condition.

What to Do if Your Home Has Smoke Damage

Removing smoke damage requires immediate action with professional equipment. Simply “airing out” belongings will never be sufficient to remove smoke smell. And allowing time to pass will only make it more difficult to remove the smoke smell. Do not delay in calling us. We will immediately start working to restore your smoke damaged residence to the home that you love.

Never attempt to ‘do it yourself’ or use ‘home remedies’ when removing smoke damage. Do-it-yourself smoke removal attempts actually can make the problem worse and/or result in damage to your possessions. Utilizing the proper smoke removal techniques using the appropriate (and safe) cleaning agents requires years of smoke damage experience and knowledge.

Our smoke removal team is trained in cleaning every type of household surface – including upholstery, drapery, drywall, fabric, metal, wood and more. Additionally, we also understand the different “types” of smoke that are caused by different types of fires: grease, electrical, food, etc. So we know exactly what tools, cleaners and techniques to use in different types of smoke damage situations.

We offer 24 / 7 emergency smoke removal response – and can be at your door the same day as the fire. We will professionally analyze the type of the smoke damage – and quickly provide you with a quote and a detailed plan of action. We will also provide your homeowners insurance with all documentation necessary to get you insurance claim rapidly processed.

Our Smoke Removal Services Include:

  • Smoke Smell Removal
  • Soot Removal
  • Ventilation
  • Furniture Deodorizing
  • Clothing Deodorizing
  • Window Treatment Deodorizing
  • Debris Removal
  • Pack-out & Pack-in of Possessions
  • Portable Air Conditioning
  • Environmentally Friendly Products
  • Specialty Smoke Removal Equipment

Aaron’s Restoration has the experience, training and state-of-the art technology necessary to completely remove the smoke smell from furniture, upholstery, window shade & drapery fabric, clothing, personal possessions, carpet, rugs, walls and more.

We Work with Your Insurance Company to Cover Smoke Removal

We will also coordinate your smoke removal services with your homeowners’ insurance company to make certain that they receive all necessary information to get your claim processed as fast as possible.

If you have experienced smoke damage from the aftermath of a fire, call us at 888.442.2766 to discuss your smoke removal needs.

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Flooded Basement Cleanup Tips

Tips for Dealing with a Flooded Basement

As Southeast Michigan’s water damage specialists, we understand how important your home and your personal belongings are to you. We salvage all property that can be saved, restored or repaired – and we restore your flooded basement to its original condition.

Our Water Damage Professionals have the experience, knowledge, and state-of-the-art equipment to remove water and dry your basement rapidly and properly. This articles contains tips on what you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do if you experience a flooded basement, in order to maximize the possibility of saving as much of your property as possible.

Flooded Basement: What to Do

(Only if Water Damage Area is SAFE from electrical currents)

  1. Mop and/or blot any water that you can.
  2. Wipe water or dampness from wood furniture immediately. Place on blocks or on aluminum foil if possible.
  3. Remove wet upholstery and cushions and place in a dry area – in the sun or outdoors if possible.
  4. Hang up any wet clothing, fabric or leather goods – in the sun or outdoors if weather permits.
  5. If it is summertime, turn on your air conditioning.
  6. Remove any rugs – especially colored rugs – from wet carpeting to prevent staining and/or bleeding.
  7. Gather loose items from floors and spread out in a dry area. Place in the sun or outdoors if weather permits.
  8. Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling water damaged objects, as standing water can harbor bacteria, mold & other toxins.
  9. CALL a Professional Water Damage Company Immediately! The only way to remove water from deeply saturated floors, furniture and structures is with professional drying equipment

Flooded Basement: What NOT to Do

  1. Do not use electrical appliance anywhere near the water –this includes fans! Electric currents can travel along the path of the water and cause electric shock.
  2. Do not touch any electrical appliances that are plugged in, or light switches, sockets or outlets. This includes NOT using your vacuum and NOT using your ceiling fan in the flooded or wet area!
  3. Keep children and pets away from the flooded area.
  4. Do not leave wet clothing, books, magazines, rugs or fabrics on a wet floor – remove them and hang them up in a dry place.
  5. Do not leave any colored or dyed items on wet carpet or floors.
  6. Do not enter any rooms where the ceilings is sagging, as it could collapse with great force.
  7. DO NOT WAIT to call a Professional Water Damage Company. Bacteria, mold and toxins begin developing almost immediately. The sooner you professionally extract the water, the greater the chance of saving your belongings.

24 /7 Emergency Flooded Basement Restoration

Serving Southeast Michigan, including: Wayne, Macomb & Oakland County

Time is always of the essence when responding to a flooded basement. That is why Aaron’s Restoration offers 24 / emergency water damage response.

We will get to your home immediately with our professional water extraction and sanitation equipment. We will remove the water from your flooded basement, prevent further damage or contamination and swiftly repair and any damage that has already occurred.

We have the experience and the know-how to salvage as much of your furniture and other personal property as possible, and then to repair and restore what cannot be saved.

If your basement has flooded, call us at 888.442.2766 to discuss your water removal & water damage repair needs.

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