October 26, 2011

It happened in Grand Rapids and again in Shelby Township. It also took place in Allegan and Georgetown Township. Residents in these Michigan locations have experienced the destructive outcome of a car crash, not on the road, but in their homes. Unlike other potential threats, such as fire, flood or tornadoes, there seems to be no way to prepare for this kind of unexpected man-made disaster. The only response, barring any personal injuries, is repairing and restoring your Michigan home as quickly as possible.


In some instances, damage to the outside of your Michigan home may be contained to the point of impact. Homeowners and property managers will want to secure the home from unwanted visitors by temporarily sealing damaged walls and windows. Foot traffic may also be directed away from the point of impact if a portion of the structure is deemed unsafe. If the incident occurs during extreme weather conditions, the home may be uninhabitable until repairs are complete.

If the exterior damage is more extensive, the home may be structurally unsound. An expert evaluation will tell you if the home is safe to live in during the repair and renovation process or if finding an alternative location is recommended.


Depending on how far a vehicle enters the home, interior damage can vary greatly. In one of the Michigan incidents referenced above, the crash sparked a fire which led to more damage in the home. (Thankfully, no one was home at the time.) Typical interior damage can affect furniture, flooring, appliances, electrical systems, and more.  In some cases, damage contained to one room can allow a family to remain in the house during the repair and renovation process.

If the interior damage is more extensive—the kind that is possible when a vehicle passes through the entire house—the house will likely be deemed unlivable until the repair and renovation process is complete and the structure meets building codes once again.


Your homeowners insurance coverage policy—and your insurance adjuster—will help you understand what your particular policy covers in regards to this type of disaster. Maintain a file of all communication with the insurance agent, and help expedite the process by documenting (in writing, photos, video) the damage to your home. Create a list of all damaged or missing items as well. Also, keep in mind, loss of use coverage in a policy may help families forced to live elsewhere during the renovation process cover any reasonable living expenses incurred.


Even with insurance coverage, homeowners are responsible for preventing future damage. Make immediate temporary repairs to help reduce the risk of more damages, and save receipts for reimbursement of reasonable expenses. Consider all repairs temporary until the property can be assessed by an insurance agent and a claim is processed. Avoid contracting an individual or crew to make any permanent repairs to the home before the insurance claim is complete. This is especially important as your home may draw the attention of numerous unlicensed and less-than-desirable contractors.


In a world of unexpected developments, choosing the right contractor is one thing that is always within your control. An optimum restoration company provides both 24-hour emergency service and comprehensive solutions for cleanup and recovery in your Michigan home. Immediate board-up service can prevent further damage to your home and your belongings. Careful assessment of the property can minimize overall expense by determining which items are salvageable. Licensed, experienced companies also understand how to work with insurance companies to minimize cost in other ways and return a home to its original condition as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When disaster strikes in Michigan or Ohio—whether it’s man-made or caused by Mother Nature—rely on the experts at Aaron’s Restoration to handle the job. Aaron’s Restoration will erase the effects of car crashes, fire, wind and water, and return your home or business to the livable or workable environment you deserve. With its sterling reputation, it’s no surprise Aaron’s Restoration has been the trusted contractor for homeowners and business owners for nearly two decades. Call 888-442-2766 or visit aaronsrestoration.com.

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Contents Restoration for Michigan, Ohio and the Upper Midwest

After a disaster at a home or business in Michigan, Ohio and the Upper Midwest, home and business owners face a challenging period. There is the disruption of routines. In the wake of a disaster, such as flooding, fire and storm damage, returning a structure and property back to a functional level takes time. Also, the property or business may be uninhabitable. But one of the biggest difficulties for an individual may be handling the reality that important belongings were damaged or destroyed.

Contents restoration aims to minimize the stress for the homeowner or business owner. These people typically have never experienced the impact of a disaster and the strong emotions that follow. By working closely and sensitively with the property owner, the restoration team can determine specific goals for the project, work quickly and efficiently, and provide an excellent value by making cost-effective decisions throughout the process.

The restoration team will identify, assess and restore or remove damaged contents. All efforts are made to salvage items at a reasonable cost, while educating property owners about the expense of restoration and cleaning compared to replacement. When it’s not cost-effective to restore a item, a recommendation to replace the item will be made.

The nature and severity of the disaster and the value of the belongings are criteria to consider at the onset of each restoration project. Items that can be repaired or restored after smoke damage, water damage or storm damage may differ. For example, some electronics and fine art may be salvaged after sustaining smoke damage but may need to be discarded after being flooded. On the flip side, certain clothing may handle flooding but not be worth cleaning after smoke damage.

Much of the restoration work of contents in a home or business does not take place on site. Items that need to be restored off-site get packed for removal, and an inventory list accompanies them to a secure storage location. When the restoration work is complete, the items are returned to the home or business.

Whether it’s due to a fire in Clinton Township or flooding in Grand Rapids, Aaron’s Restoration can provide contents restoration to property owners with 24-hour emergency service. The emergency number to call is 888-442-2766. Non-emergency calls are welcome too.

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Upgrading During Restoration

October 13, 2011

A restoration project has a simple mission: get the home back to its original, pre-disaster condition. But that doesn’t mean the restoration work can’t coincide with other plans to upgrade and enhance a home. In fact, tying a restoration project to an upgrade can really work in a homeowner’s favor.

One advantage is using the “down time” of restoration work means not disrupting life at home a second time to handle the upgrade. In some cases, the upgrade can immediately follow the restoration. The two projects may also be in progress simultaneously with respect to each other.

As the written agreement for the restoration gets assembled, a homeowner who is interested in adding some upgrading to areas of the home should make those interests known to the contractor. Adding it afterwards can be accommodated, in some cases, but may slow down the restoration process and alter the delivery of the initial work. Working out the details in advance instead gives a homeowner a more accurate timeline for completion of the work.

Here is one way it could work to restore and upgrade at the same time. A flood causes water damage to a home, prompting the need to repair walls and replace flooring. At the same time, the homeowner now wants wider hallways and doors to allow more ease in mobility for an existing physical condition, the work can be done to meet both objectives.

Aaron’s Restoration is ready to help homeowners in Michigan return to their normal lives at home, and can help upgrade at the same time when that is a homeowner’s plan. The work need not be strictly related to barrier-free services; it could be any general contracting services we provide. Ultimately the goal is to provide a comfortable place for you to live, and extra comforts and convenience are certainly great reasons to go home every day.

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Changing Restoration Companies in the Midwest

October 5, 2011

While Aaron’s Restoration provides turnkey solutions following disasters caused by storms, fire, water and wind, we know there are times a homeowner here in the Midwest has called another restoration company first. That call may have come in the middle of the night or during a confusing and stressful time. The only goal was to get someone, anyone on the job immediately. But the homeowner may soon discover that company is providing substandard service or is working in an area where it does not have experience. Is it too late to change companies?

The answer is “no.”

If the first responder, who is handling the immediate clean-up of your home, is not providing satisfactory services, you can limit the scope of that company’s work. A poor restoration job can create an unsafe and unhealthy home for your family. Thinking long-term rather than in the heat of the moment will allow you to carefully evaluate a restoration company’s impact on your life for years to come, long after the bill is paid.

The reason you hire a restoration company immediately is to avoid secondary damage to a home, such as damage caused by smoke from a fire or the chemicals used by firefighters. The urgent tasks may also include drying out a flooded home or boarding up a home damaged by a falling tree. These steps protect the home from further damage as well as protecting your valuables. But, as a homeowner, you can restrict the first company’s work to the most urgent needs in the home while hiring a second restoration company to complete the actual restoration work.

It’s important to keep your insurance agent informed about this type of change. Your insurance agent may also have an established relationship with a restoration company that he or she may recommend, if you’re looking for one. But be sure to choose the contractor who will best complete the job of restoring your home, a company that specializes in the type of disaster your home sustained.

It’s valuable to use a restoration company that specializes in a particular type of disaster response, such as fire and smoke damage, because of the company’s awareness of and compliance with industry standards regarding that disaster. Ask the prospective contractor what standards are used to complete the work. Get the agreement in writing, and do not pay for or authorize payment for any work that is not listed in the agreement.

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